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Privacy Policy

I. Welcome is proud to be the home of a adult webmaster community in cyberspace.

This privacy policy applies to the web sites, or networks, owned by,
(“The Network”).

Even though The Network provides a different combination of services,
this policy states the company-wide Privacy Policy with regard to data collection

By visiting The Network, becoming a registered member of any
of the sites, you hereby provide your consent to the terms of this Privacy
Policy, and are aware that our policy may change over time as discussed below.
Specifically, this Privacy Policy may be updated to reflect new features,
services and options, and any changes on the use of personal information.
Continued use of The Network and its services will indicate
that you agree with any changes.

Your privacy on the Internet is incredibly important to The Network
and should also be to you too! The Network collects certain information
about its visitors and members. The Network feels that you should
fully understand the terms and conditions that deal with that collection and
use of information. This privacy statement discloses what information we collect,
how we use it, and how to correct or change it.

II. Nature of Information Collected

There are two types of information collected by The Network core
site: (A) anonymous and (B) personally identifiable. The Network’s
collection practices regarding these two are discussed in greater detail below.

A. Anonymous Information Collection

Anonymous information refers to information that cannot be tied back to
a specific individual. As with visiting any web site, The Network
collects some basic information about your computer, including browser type,
operating system, IP address, Internet service provider and geographic location.

B. Personally Identifiable Information

Personally identifiable information can be used to directly identify an
individual. The Network requires a limited amount of personal
information to be collected in order to better serve you. This allows
to set up your e-mail account and give you free web page space.

III. Use of Cookies

The Network uses cookies on the join and login pages. A cookie
is simply a small data file sent to your computer by The Network
that identifies your computer as a unique user to a specific web site. It
also collects anonymous information and tracks traffic patterns. A cookie
will not provide any personally identifiable information about you, nor will
it read data off of your hard drive, or read cookie files created by other
web sites. The Network uses the information provided by a cookie
for tracking site usage and targeting of advertising. This allows The
Network to customize your visit and save you time during subsequent visits.

By visiting any of The Network sites and/or registering
to become a member, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The Network places advertising on our sites that originates from
third party advertisers and/or advertising agencies. In some cases, if you
click on or view these ads, the advertiser may assign you a cookie. The
Network does not control these cookies.

IV. Purposes for Which Information is Collected

The Network tracks anonymous information to determine which pages
are preferred based on traffic to those areas. This information is aggregated
to provide The Network with demographic and other statistical
data that allows us to assess how well our web site is performing. This helps
us to continue building a better service for you. The Network
does not track what individual users read, only the performance of each page

The personal information collected from our members, or anyone that submits
their personal information, is also used for the administration of our site;
including corresponding with our members by e-mail when required and setting
the content of web site..

The Network compiles statistical data on the number of visitors
who access the banners and advertisements on our web site so that we can provide
marketing information to our advertisers and sponsors. The Network
aggregates this information and creates statistical reports from the anonymous
and demographic information for our advertisers. This allows our advertisers
to advertise more effectively, and allows our users to receive advertisements
that are pertinent to their interests and needs. Also, because The
Network derives their revenue mainly from advertising, providing this data
is essential to maintaining our services as free to users.

IV. Sharing of Information Collected by The Network

The Network shares anonymous data collected from visitors and
citizens with third party advertisers and advertising agencies so that they
may target their advertising and provide better services. The
Network does not, however, disclose any personal information to these third
parties without first obtaining your consent.

The Network will cooperate, as appropriate, with police, judicial
and other law enforcement agencies and disclose personal information and data
upon receipt of the appropriate court orders. The Network will
also share personal information where it appears that, based on sufficient
evidence, a visitor or a member is engaged, through the use of or access to
this web site and its services, in illegal activities. The Network
refers citizens to The Network’s Terms of Use. The
Network reserves the right in the absence of a court order, to release information
concerning a citizen who The Network believe is in violation
of the guidelines or is using The Network’s servers for illegal

V. Collection of Data by Third Parties

This web site contains links to other web sites. When accessing the web sites
of third parties advertising on The Network, including through
ad banners and other links, you will be accessing sites that are not operated
or controlled by The Network. These sites may collect anonymous
and personal information by various methods, including the use of cookies.
The privacy policies of these web sites may not be the same as those of The Network and may not afford visitors and citizens the same level
of protection. Visitors and citizens should contact these advertisers to verify
the privacy policies of these web sites and their terms of use when accessing
them and prior to providing any anonymous or personal information.

VI. Export of Data

The Network may export information collected from visitors and
members to countries or territories other than the country of residence of
the visitors and citizens (including countries that do not necessarily afford
by law the same amount of protection to personal information as the country
of residence). The Network complies with the laws and/or policies
that protect a country’s citizens from any dissemination of exported data
to third parties without prior consent.

VII. Chat Rooms and Message Boards

The Network does not monitor their chat rooms or message boards.
You are advised to consult the guidelines in the Chat and Message Board Rules.
When engaging in chat rooms and message boards, you may be invited by third
parties to provide your own personal information. That information could be
used by third parties for purposes that you do not wish they be used, including
unsolicited e-mails and sharing of personal information with other third parties.
The Network strongly suggests that you do not share any of your
personal information with third parties in chat rooms or message boards.

VIII. Storage and Security

Data collected by The Network is stored in secure servers. The Network has security procedures in place to protect the loss,
misuse or alteration of information under its control. These security measures
include the necessary protection to prevent, as far as possible, access to
The Network databases to parties other than The

IX. Review, Correction of Information and Deactivation of Citizenship

Members and anyone who has submitted personal information may, at any time,
review the information relating to them contained in The Network’s
databases and edit any incorrect information.

A member may decide at any time to terminate his/her membership with The
Network. If so, a member should contact The Network using the
contact information provided to request the termination and deletion of any
personal information already collected by The Network. Please
be advised that because of backups, and records of deletions, it may be impossible
to delete all information about a member without some residual information
still remaining.

All requests to review, edit, or terminate a citizenship will be processed
by The Network within a reasonable time of their receipt.

X. Protection of Minors

The protection of children’s online privacy is very important to The
Network. For that reason, it is our policy not to collect or maintain information
at our web sites from those we actually know are under 18 and no part of our
web sites is structured to attract anyone under 18.

XI. Consent, Opt-In and Opt-Out

Visitors and members of The Network confirm by visiting any of
the sites or the submission of their personal information that they consent
to the collection and processing of personal information, the use of cookies
and transfer of personal data in countries other than their country of residence
as detailed above.

Should a member at any time wish to withdraw his/her consent and opt-out of
receiving communications from The Network, the member should
inform The Network. is owned and operated by Qualified Hosting, Inc.